At the beginning of the new year 2020, we are honored to earn iF Industrie Forum Design — Six Products of UGREEN earn iF DESIGN AWARD, including Adjustable Holder for Phone/ Tablet, USB-C Multifunction Hub, Portable USB-C Hub, Suction Cup Wireless Charger, and 3.5mm Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch. It is not the first time that UGREEN won this award, but we are still so excited as the first time.

Founded in 1953, the iF Design Award is held annually by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design agency in Germany. It is famous for its concept “independent, rigorous, and reliable”.

UGREEN products that won the iF Design Awards were selected by the iF judging committees to show excellent design concepts and technological innovations. They are excellent products combining innovation and practicality, which are meeting the demands of markets.

So why these 6 products of UGREEN stand out from more than 7200 entries in 56 countries and won the iF Design Award? Follow us, we will show them to you one by one.

Work 1: CD198 Suction Cup Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is mainly designed for mobile phone game users. The suction cup wireless charger can suck in the middle of the back of the phone for charging so that leaves enough space at both ends of the phone to operate, which greatly improves the experience of the player.

The bracket is another innovation of this product. When placed your phone on a flat desktop to charge, the metal ring can be used as a stand to support your phone, and this wireless charger can achieve charging while playing.

Work 2: CM235 USB-C Multifunction Hub

In order to ensure portable and stylish, most laptops only retain a USB-C port, which is not convenient for daily use.

CM235 USB-C Multifunction Hub integrates 12 interfaces such as USB, HDMI/ VGA, TF/ SD, USB-C, etc., which extended more ports for laptops. Among them, the USB ports support the latest Gen2 protocol, and the transmission rate can reach up to 10G.

The whole Hub is a long strip shape with a little slope, which can be placed behind the notebook to serve as a simple stand.

Work 3: CM285 Portable USB-C Hub

One of the innovations of this USB-C Hub is that it has a built-in cable. Besides strong functionality, its smaller size can save more space and reduce the weight when traveling.

There are 9 interfaces in total on this hub, so we can see that the extended strength is very strong. At the same time, the one-piece round aluminum alloy shell can not only bring more sturdy protection but effectively improve the heat dissipation ability, so you can use it with more peace of mind.

Work 4: CM296 USB-C Multifunction Hub

This is a USB-C Hub that integrated with M.2 Enclosure, so it is both a hub and a hard disk enclosure. Besides, this product also has a converter that supports Power delivery protocol, which can fast charge the laptop with USB-C port.

The product has double-row ventilation holes for the upper and lower shells, which can improve the internal air circulation to achieve better heat dissipation, and provide more stable data transmission.

Work 5: CM324 3.5mm Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch

As we all know, one of the disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch is that it cannot be connected to any Bluetooth devices. So this product, CM324 3.5mm Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch, can transmit Switch audio signals to Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth speakers. Low-latency and high-quality sound effects to make your gaming process more pleasant and smooth.

the appearance is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Not only does it adopt the dual-color style of Switch handle in color matching, but also the overall shape is designed according to Mario, the exclusive character in the Switch games. When you are playing a game, it is as interesting as Mario running out of the game and watching you secretly.

Work 6: Adjustable Holder for Phone/ Tablet

More and more phones and tablets are equipped with a large screen, and the weight of the devices are correspondingly increased. When users use them for a long time, they tend to have sore arms, and when they lower their heads, the cervical spine is prone to fatigue and pain.

In order to provide users a comfortable angle and posture, UGREEN specially designed this adjustable phone/ tablet holder, which is suitable for phone/ tablet with a 4.6-12.9-inch screen. It can be lifted and lowered freely at 175-250mm and supports 5-45 ° multi-angle adjustment, to find a comfortable angle for you.

As can be seen from those award-winning products, in addition to the exquisite appearance design, it is also necessary to integrate functions into the product to meet user needs. This is in line with UGREEEN’s product design philosophy: user-oriented, focus on the experience of users and create value for users.

UGREEN always adheres to the user-first design concept, continuously strives for excellence and bold attempts. Every product strives to achieve the innovative design and practical functions, which is why the products of UGREEN have been recognized by international authorities and users.

I believe that in the new year, UGREEN will continue to bring more and more outstanding products to our customers. Outstanding products match outstanding you.

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